Voiles (Preludes, Book I, 1909 – 1910)

(Sails or Veils)

I haven’t had a chance to write this piece up yet, but feel free to start the discussion in the comments!

One comment on “Voiles (Preludes, Book I, 1909 – 1910)

  1. brian says:

    I have not started practicing this piece yet, but I find this one fascinating.
    When I first heard it, I was a little startled by the ‘off-ness’ of the melody and the estranged tone that keeps lingering throughout (perhaps the bass note repeating that establishes the isolated mood to this) but when I learned the word Voilles meant “sails” , it sort of made sense to me, but it wasnt really satisfying in my imagery of sailboats in the sea or harbor. I would have thought that would invoke more of a sociable and happier scene and thus music.

    But then I later learned from the web it could also mean “veils”.

    To this, I was completely entertained by that thought, as also there was a tingle down my spine. Because now the imagery in my head definitely matches up to that unclear term of “veils” applied to this piece.

    It invoked some sort of slight horror to me, as if I was staring something straight in the mouth, when I was not even realizing it.
    Listening to Voilles many a times, I had the thought I was gazing at floating boats from a far, safe distance…. but
    what I realized was now, I was actually up close to a veil covering something mysterious, or even terrifying…but one which was never revealed eventually.

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