Hello everyone!

I’ve been neglecting this blog for many years, but occasionally see comments from many of you.  I’m happy an honored to see this site still gets a lot of traffic in spite of my neglect.  I’m very happy to see recent comments (Hi Brian!).

I apologize for the broken links for the last couple years due to Apple shutting down their web site hosting service.  I tried to fix them all, but in case I missed any, a dead link that starts with http://homepage.mac.com/stevepur/ can be fixed by replacing that with http://stevepur.com/.  For example http://homepage.mac.com/stevepur/music/debussy.html is now http://stevepur.com/music/debussy.html.

To be honest, I’ve not been playing much Debussy lately – I’ve been entirely Bach oriented.  Yesterday I bought a used harpsichord!.  But I’m sure this is just a phase.  You all reminding me that there is a lot of interest in Debussy (Hi Brian!) may well bring me back to him, and I’ll try to get back to posting.


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