Hello everyone!

I’ve been neglecting this blog for many years, but occasionally see comments from many of you.  I’m happy an honored to see this site still gets a lot of traffic in spite of my neglect.  I’m very happy to see recent comments (Hi Brian!).

I apologize for the broken links for the last couple years due to Apple shutting down their web site hosting service.  I tried to fix them all, but in case I missed any, a dead link that starts with http://homepage.mac.com/stevepur/ can be fixed by replacing that with http://stevepur.com/.  For example http://homepage.mac.com/stevepur/music/debussy.html is now http://stevepur.com/music/debussy.html.

To be honest, I’ve not been playing much Debussy lately – I’ve been entirely Bach oriented.  Yesterday I bought a used harpsichord!.  But I’m sure this is just a phase.  You all reminding me that there is a lot of interest in Debussy (Hi Brian!) may well bring me back to him, and I’ll try to get back to posting.

Debussy International Congress in Austin, TX! Oct. 25-29 2006

There will be a big Debussy event in Austin, TX on Oct. 25 – 29, where Debussy experts from all over the world will convene to talk about and play Debussy’s music. See the UT Austin school of music calendar site for details.

This sounds like a really exciting event and I wish I could be there. Unfortunately I have a work meeting in Flagstaff on the very same days that require my presence. But if you’re reading this blog you should certainly go if you can! It is rare for an event like this to be held in the US.